I am a 37 year old who has been working in the corporate world for almost 11 years, and in retail before that.

I have experience in junior management and extensive experience in training facilitation and content development.

My dream job is to work for The Walt Disney Company, but more specifically, Disney Cruise Line.  This blog is about sharing my journey on making that dream come true.

Ever since sailing on the Disney Wonder and subsequently on the Disney Fantasy, I have yearned for a career in the cruise industry.

You may ask “Why Disney Cruise Line?” – well, I have a family member who has made a successful career out of the cruise industry, and most of the years he spent building that career has been with Disney Cruise Line (DCL). ┬áRecently, my life partner has also started working for DCL, and I believe that Disney is one of the most sought after employers, because of their recognition they give to high performing employees, and the magic they make happen to their guests on a daily basis.

I want to play my part in making that magic happen!