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Introduction to my journey to work for Disney Cruise Line

This is my first blog post about my journey to make my dream to work for Disney Cruise Line a reality.

If you haven’t read my about page, allow me to introduce myself:

I am a 37 year old guy who has been working in the corporate world for almost 11 years. My ultimate dream job is to work for Disney Cruise Line.

I have experience in retail as well as training facilitation and content development.

I am a driven, hard working and loyal individual who puts 100% into everything I do, both personally, emotionally and in my work.

I have a close family member, and recently, my life partner too, that works for Disney Cruise Line (DCL).  Ever since my cousin started working for DCL (many years ago), I have envied him, and wanted to work for them too.

I attempted applying for a job as a sound and lighting technician with DCL a couple of years ago, however, I completely lacked any experience or formal training in this field (although I had, and still have, a keen interest), so I did not even make it through to an interview.

In 2010 I had the wonderful opportunity to sail on the Disney Wonder for two cruises back to back, and got to experience the Disney Magic first hand.  Subsequently, I got another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in 2012 to do the cross-Atlantic cruise on the Disney Fantasy when the ship was first launched.  I’ll elaborate more about these two cruises in later posts.

It was during these two cruises that the dream of working for this wonderful company was strengthened and entrenched within me.

For many years, I have not done much to entertain that dream, as I always thought it was out of reach (for a variety of reasons).  Last year (2016), my life partner landed a job with DCL, and once more, the dream was awakened inside me.  I realised that the dream might not be out of reach after all.  In fact, I KNOW that the dream is possible.  ANY dream is possible if you want it bad enough and work hard in achieving it!

I have attempted applications for various positions again, none successful (yet), but more on that to follow in my next posts.

If you have any suggestions for topics of discussion, or to assist me on my journey, or would like to ask me any questions, please comment below, or get in touch on my Contact page.