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Just a few more steps!

A lot has happened (in the right direction) since I last wrote.

About three weeks ago, I got an email from the Disney recruiter I have been speaking to and had my interviews with, that she had some good news for me, and wanted to call me.  I obviously responded right away, and within minutes I was on the phone with her: There is a position available for me!

This meant that I had to do some running around, doing my medical examination, getting a police clearance that I don’t have a criminal record, other background checks etc.  All of this has been done, I have received my medical (fit for duty) certificate back from the doctor, and sent it off to Disney for review.

Once that has been done, I should receive my Confirmation of Employment, which will then mean I can make my appointment with the US Embassy for my Visa interview.

I have also received my joining date, and which ship I will be based on.  Given that there are no issues with my medical, and that I get my Visa, I will be joining Disney Cruise Line on 27 June 2018!!!  How exciting is that!?!  And the cherry on top: I will be working on the Disney Fantasy, the ship that I saw being launched, sailed on across the Atlantic, and saw being christened in New York.

As you can imagine, I am super excited, and cannot wait to start my new career with DCL.  As with any new job, I am a little anxious, but I am confident that it will soon pass, and that I will make a huge success of it.

I can finally say that my dream is coming true, and who better than with the company that is renowned for making magic happen, and making dreams come true: Disney!  I am ready to live my dream!  DCL, see you soon!

I have been considering how I will continue with this blog once I am there.  Although internet is available on board, it is pricey, but I am more concerned about having the time to write.  One possible solution would be to do hand written journal entries, which I can transcribe and post when I am on leave/off contract.  I will really only know once I am there, and will see how things work out, but I do intend continuing with this blog.  Perhaps I should consider changing the name of the blog as well – another bridge I will cross once I am there.

I will give an update again on how the preparation is going a little closer to departure.

My second overseas trip (leg 5 – The Big Apple!)

My second overseas trip (leg 5 – The Big Apple!)

This part of the trip was probably my favorite!  Not only did I get to see New York for the second time in my life, but we also strengthened some great friendships during the time in NY.

Because it was the christening of the Disney Fantasy while she was in New York, all the guests had to spend that night off the ship, and were treated to a stay in the Times Square Marriot Hotel, and complimentary entrance to The Lion King show on Broadway.

This was my friend’s first time in the big city, so it was quite fun to show him all the sight seeing attractions, and for some, it was my first time too.

I absolutely love this city, and wish I could go there once again.

Since we were not on the ship the night she was christened, we watched it on television in the hotel room and then the next morning on the local news.  The excitement about having a Disney ship in the New York harbour could be felt in the atmosphere all through the city, I mean, the Disney Fantasy did make one hell of an entrance when she entered port, playing “New York New York” on the ship’s horn, and one could hear it echo throughout the entire Manhattan!

Here are some pictures of those very special few days in New York:

My first trip (continued)

In my last post I mentioned how something deep inside me was triggered during that first two cruises on a Disney Cruise Line ship.

This post is aimed at just telling you a bit more about that first overseas vacation I had, and how the Disney effect took a hold of me even more.

After completing the two back-to-back cruises on the Disney Wonder, I spent a weekend with my cousin and his partner in New York, and then spent about another week in Orlando visiting all the Disney theme parks, Universal Studios and the Kennedy Space Centre.

During my time at each Disney park, that little thing that was triggered inside me was just strengthened time after time.  That “magic” that has been awoken inside me started to grow.  Everywhere you went, whether on the ship or in the parks, the crew/cast/staff members were always friendly, always going the extra mile, and always acting in a professional manner.

There were always those little things to look out for which made it Disney.  Those things that go unnoticed to the pre-occupied, the non-observant or someone with little attention to detail.  But, if you train your eye, and concentrate, everywhere you go there is something to remind you of where you were.

I still didn’t realise, after visiting each Disney park, and after spending a week on the ship, that something inside of me has changed.  Something that would only be fully awakened several years later.