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One week countdown

Bar unexpected delays, in exactly one week from now, I will be setting foot on American soil again for the first time since 2012 – only this time, it will be to start my dream job!

I haven’t posted on this blog for quite some time, and I deliberately didn’t.  I wanted to make sure that everything was sorted out and in place before making it public, but I am in a position now that I can safely say that my dream is coming true!  I have gone through all of the processes to secure my employment with Disney Cruise Line, and am at a point now where I simply have to get onto that plane and start my new job.

I have completed all the required documentation and signed my contract.

I finished my previous job last week, and have been spending this week to relax and start packing.

I had the final call from the recruiter this afternoon, to confirm that everything was in order, and that they are waiting to welcome me onboard.

I fly out next week Tuesday, arriving in Orlando on Wednesday, before commencing training on Thursday which will continue to Friday, before boarding the Disney Fantasy on Saturday!  It also turns out that the 11-night cruise that the Fantasy does once a year, will be my very first cruise, visiting other ports of call than the normal itinerary.

The excitement is really only now starting to build, as I have been kept rather busy the last few weeks with work and other matters that needed resolving before I go.  Now that I am starting to pack and make sure I have everything ready to go, the absolute excitement is really starting to take hold.

I don’t think I will be posting again before I am there, but I do intend to continue this blog.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the format (and perhaps even the name) might change, and I am also not sure if and when I will get an opportunity to post while I am there.  I might only post when I am on vacation, but will play it by ear.  For my friends and followers on Facebook, I will definitely be posting some pictures and updates on there more regularly.

As always, thank you to each of my followers for going through this journey with me (and it is by no means over – in fact, it only really begins now!)


My second overseas trip (leg 7)

My second overseas trip (leg 7)

Once we disembarked in Port Canaveral, we received a warm welcome from my cousin and his partner, who showed us around Orlando a little.

They had some other guests at their house, so they spoiled us even further by reserving us a room at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.  For those who have not been there, it is a resort themed on the music of the different decades, from the 1950’s to the 1990’s.  Apart from the music, it also features the popular trends of each of those decades.

Probably the most memorable is the bowling pin shaped swimming pool in the middle of the resort.

After checking into the resort, we headed over to the Hollywood Studios theme park, in time to see the street parade.   In the picture below is my favourite ride, the Hollywood Tower Hotel.  We then headed over to Magic Kingdom to enjoy some of the rides and see the fireworks show the evening.

Unfortunately we only had the one night to spend in Orlando, as our trip continued the next day, and we did not get to see half of the things there is to see.  After a quick brunch in Celebration, my cousin took us to the airport.

We drove past the welcome sign to Walt Disney World Resort one more time, and I was sad that we had to leave so soon.  As the welcome sign promises, it was the place where dreams really do come true, and one day, my ultimate dream will come true when I see this sign again as a Disney Cast Member.